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Wayfinder #16 Illustrations

Ifenious Musparkk is a crafty gnome with his mechanical crow.

While the girl with the shell on her back is a Shokala, a wise and reserved race of Numeria.

Both painted on November 2016 for Wayfinder , issue #16 based on Numeria setting

Beatrice pelagatti tinkerer gnome hd

Ifenious Musparkk

Beatrice pelagatti tinkerer gnome sketches firma

Ifenious Musparkk sketches

Beatrice pelagatti tinkerer impaginato firma

Ifenious Musparkk

Beatrice pelagatti shokala


Beatrice pelagatti shokala sketches firma

Shokala sketches

Beatrice pelagatti shokala impaginata firma